4 Simple Solutions for the Kik app saying “Chat Limit Reached”

A free instant messaging app is Kik. It offers its users a number of communication benefits. You can send videos as well as photographs to your loved ones using Kik.

In addition, it includes the ability to create group chats and engage with a variety of users, however, occasionally the Kik app continues stating that the chat limit has been surpassed.

Similar to iMessaging and Whatsapp, Kik offers a variety of communication channels. However, there is an insignificant distinction between Kik and other messaging programs.

Users of Kik are only permitted to transmit messages within the parameters set and implemented in the software. If you are concerned about this problem, you don’t need to worry because this tutorial will provide you with all the assistance you need to solve it.

An instant messaging app is Kik Messenger. The Kik app is the popular name for this messaging service. It is a smartphone application that was created by the Canadian business Kik Interactive.

The texting service was introduced in 2010. It is also accessible on iOS-powered smartphones. We are going to learn about the Kik Chat Limit Reached Error, one of the app’s issues that arise.

What does a Kik chat limit error mean?

Kik is a fantastic system for delivering multimedia files and instant messages online. It has given technological enthusiasts a brand-new platform.

This amazing messaging app is available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. You could easily spend several hours using this program because of every one of the interaction possibilities it offers.

One can grow irritated with its constrained conversation capability. When users send too many messages, Kik Chat’s capacity is exceeded, and an error results.

After reaching the rate cap, users will not be allowed to send messages anymore. They will consequently receive a 429 error message from the app.

Error 429 indicates that the rate cap has been exceeded. Your Kik continues to display “Chat limit reached.” Additionally, users of the Kik app should be aware that none of their communications are saved by the Kik application.

They are unable to provide their users with a copy of the discussion as a result. On the other hand, Kik chats might be stored locally on your smartphone and eventually uncovered in the Application data.

Why does the Kik app constantly keep reporting a chat limit error?

The cap on these messages is reset every night. For Apple users, the number of texts has become 1000, whereas, for Android users, it is 600. The maximum duration of these limitations is 48 hours.

In addition to the Kik application’s built-in restriction on the daily message limit, technological problems could result in Kik continually reporting that the chat limit has been reached.

The following outside factors may cause trouble with your chat limits:

  • Technical errors in the cache files

The chat limit issue could have its earliest cause externally in a corrupted cache file in your Kik software. Each time the Kik App was accessed, cache files started to accumulate on your smartphone.

These files may cause problems with the network and, as a result, technical difficulties with the software when they start occupying storage space or when they begin to gradually degrade.

4 Simple Solutions for the Kik app saying "Chat Limit Reached"

  • A faulty internet connection

The second external problem that could be the root cause of your Kik App’s conversation limit issue is a problematic internet connection.

It is a common problem since transmitting messages via an unstable network connection makes any technological error inevitable. Both mobile broadband and WiFi network connections are subject to this kind of problem.

  • You are using an older version of the Kik app

An outdated version of the Kik App is the third external factor responsible for the 429 error. As long as the system update is available on the play store or on the apple store, your phone can frequently update the application automatically.

However, your Kik app might not be able to update automatically when a software update is available if you have not enabled auto-updates in the Google Play or Apple App Store.

  • The Kik app has tampered with files with software defects

You may experience conversation limit issues if your Kik software has corrupted data. Any faulty file will finally be blocked by the Kik program, continuing the issue.

As a result of system interference or if you unintentionally interrupt a software update, corrupted files may develop. Any choice will therefore lead to a worsening condition.

How can I fix the chat limit reached error on the Kik app?

The Kik Chat Limit Reached Error is a problem that people all over the world are searching for an answer to, but they are still having trouble doing so.

However, there are a few tips and techniques that can help you deal with this issue with ease.

  • Get rid of any external variables

  • Reboot your network connection to make sure all of your devices can connect to the Kik server. In order to remain connected and avoid the 429 error, connect your app to a reliable, steady network. For a brief period of time, unplug your internet gateway to allow it to restart. Turning off and then back on your mobile internet follows the same approach. Restarting your phone will restore a reliable connection if the issue continues.
  • The second approach is to verify the memory files in your system options. If they have been collected in the storage of your smartphone, clean them out by selecting the clean cache option. In order to free up storage and get rid of any invalid information, it is always a good idea to clean up any cache files that have accumulated on your device.
  • Checking your app store for software updates is the next step. Download the update as soon as possible if the most recent version of the Kik program is accessible through Google Play or Apple App Stores. Additionally ensures that your app store is set up to automatically update so that the program is updated as soon as the newest software update comes out.
  • Uninstalling and then reinstalling the Kik app is the last step to restoring the app’s functionality. You may delete and reinstall the Kik program on your smartphone if it contains erroneous information. Any damaged files that are keeping the Kik app linked will be removed by doing this. Restart your smartphone after uninstalling the Kik app before reinstalling it. You only have till midnight to wait until Kik restores the chat limit if the steps listed above do not fix the issue at hand.


Every mistake can be fixed in one of several ways. The Kik Chat Limit Reached Error is the same. A fully elucidating and convincing solution, meanwhile, has not yet been found.

However, you need first delete the software by going to its settings. The messenger’s cache and associated data files must then be cleared.

The next step is to restart your phone and install the app again using a different email address. This approach did work for the majority of users.

Therefore, we recommend that you all check out this trick as well. You can share multimedia files with your loved ones instantly and beautifully using the Kik app.

Its functions are comparable to those of other online chatting apps. Despite its functionality, there is a limitation on the number of messages you can send.

The Kik app keeps stating that the chat limit has been reached if you try to send anything over it. We have made an effort to identify the causes of the chat limit reached problem and offer potential fixes.