Here are 5 Steps to Fix your ESPN Error 0033.

When you are making an attempt to stream via the app, does the ESPN error 0033 appear on your screen? Have you recently updated the settings for your account?

Your app might occasionally encounter playback issues or experience a prohibited IP address as a consequence of a change in the available channel options.

Did you make an effort to start ESPN from an independent WiFi network only to receive this error message? Your network is going to be out of range and ESPN will not work if your address is different from the one on record.

The following short article was written by us in order to help you in comprehending the ESPN error 0033 code’s appearance and to provide you instructions for quick solutions that you can apply to resume uninterrupted streaming of ESPN and ESPN Live.

What does ESPN error 0033 mean?

You will experience the ESPN error 0033 if your TV package has been changed. This will require making changes to the choices that are provided by your cable provider.

When you are using the ESPN app, the following error message will appear on your screen. This could occur either when you are streaming or right after you log in to your account.

The 0033 code could be accompanied by the error message “The customer is not authorized for this content requested.”

You might encounter the ESPN error 0033 for a variety of reasons:

Your WiFi is not accessible

The ESPN channel is supposed to stay within range of the location where your billing address is registered if you access it through your WiFi network.

This can occur if you attempt to connect to your ESPN app from a different location and Wifi network, for example, someone else’s apartment.

Your IP address has been blocked

An IP address can sometimes get blocked by the ESPN service for unidentified causes. There is no specific reason for this, however, other ESPN users who have had the same issue are claiming that this is what caused their error 0033 code to appear.

The broadcast server for the ESPN channel is offline.

You may experience a wide range of service-associated performance issues if the ESPN server is offline. There is a possibility that your channel will cease to function and different error codes may appear.

There might be an issue with the ESPN channel, or the server might be unavailable for maintenance. A down ESPN server can be responsible for this concern.

Several performance-related issues concerning the service can occur if the ESPN server is not available.

A certain number of error codes could appear and your channel may not be optimal in its function. There could be a maintenance issue with the server, or there could be an issue with the ESPN channel.

How to fix the error for ESPN 0033

In order to resolve the playback issue code 0033 on your device, update the software associated with the ESPN app.

If you did not alter your TV package or the options provided by your channel, there could be the possibility of a software glitch that interfered with your streaming if you weren’t able to do anything about that.

Access the Google Play or Apple Store from your smart TV to find the ESPN app. If there is a program update option, select it.

Restart your mobile device after installing the most current version of ESPN, and then launch the app afterward. If ESPN continues to show an error after completing this step,

Consider the following additional methods that might help in fixing this playback issue:

Consider changing the Wifi range

When you are making an effort to access your ESPN service from a network that is different from the one you use where your billing address appears on your account, your WiFi will automatically be out of range.

Use your ESPN account on the WiFi network beginning at the same address as your ESPN profile. This will make sure that it stays “in range.”

Try to use the LTE instead

Switch from WiFi to LTE if they block your IP address, such as previous ESPN users who came across the ESPN problem-solving 0033 code while playing a video are encouraged to do. As can be a result, they were able to stream without dealing with any more channel issues.

Check your ESPN server

Consider viewing the ESPN server this time. Additionally, there will be complications with playback if the ESPN server is down.

You can check the ESPN server status in order to make sure that the problem is with the ESPN channel instead of your device.

You will need to wait until they resolve the issue if the website itself verifies whether it is inaccessible before your sports channel becomes operational the next time.

Refresh your account data and services

In order to correct any errors in your package details, refresh your ESPN services. Simply logging in to your account details and having a look at your profile could enable you to achieve this.

Check-in order to see if your information is authentic. Your data in the ESPN database will be updated upon a refresh. This helps by reevaluating your services.

Why does the ESPN app not work on your WIFI network?

If the ESPN channel is not receiving sufficient bandwidth, your ESPN app cannot be used on WiFi. Additionally, there are going to be issues with latency if your network is shared across several independent devices, all of which must have a lot of bandwidth for running apps or programs.

Around this point, your ESPN channel might start to buffer or may freeze repeatedly throughout the program.

To be able to ensure that the app will operate effectively without any lags, ESPN recommends that your internet speeds should be at least 25Mbps.

You can do a test here if you are not sure what internet speeds your network connection is offering.

The following are additional causes your ESPN app will not function over WiFi:

Your device is not compatible

The system requirements for the ESPN app are required to be fulfilled by the device you intend to use to access ESPN. The ones that follow are supported by ESPN streaming devices:

  1. Roku
  2. Fire TV
  3. Apple devices
  4. Samsung Smart TV
  5. Android devices
  6. PS4 and PS5
  7. Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
  8. Chromecast
  9. Oculus
  10. Xfinity

If you are trying to launch an ESPN channel on a device that has not been listed, you may want to confirm if it is able to support the channel.

The different array of Wifi networks

If you are utilizing two devices on different networks, ESPN cannot be accessed by means of WiFi. You might encounter the following issue if you use Chromecast.

The ESPN app will not appear on your TV if your Chromecast has not been linked to the device which it is open on.

Why is ESPN not letting me stream live?

ESPN will not let you watch the live channel if the device you are using does not have enough memory space. The app requires a minimum of 256MB of RAM to be able to function efficiently.

The recommended amount is 512MB. If the following is not attainable, you will not be able to stream the channel successfully.

If the cache files have consumed the space on your TV, this will also impact the memory space. In order to increase the RAM space on your device, you can complete a few simple steps.

Before you proceed, it is a good idea to uninstall ESPN and reinstall the app. This will get rid of any corrupt files on your device which may be the reason why ESPN will not let you watch live.

Relaunch the channel following the time it has been downloaded to find out if you can utilize the live option.

You may implement these four fixes if not; Remove any applications that you don’t use and completely delete the cache.

Restart your device after along with the ESPN Power update. If none of these remedies work, your TV might have an issue with the hardware, or your ESPN subscription has to be addressed.


We hope that after reading this simple tutorial, you are aware of all the causes of the ESPN error 003 and that you were able to use one of the five simple fixes offered to fix the playback problem.

If the issue continues, we advise contacting ESPN directly. You can use one of their social media sites or visit their Customer Care page, where you can write them an email.