How to fix the buffering isuues with Funimation

Frustrating buffering making it difficult to watch Funimation?

If Funimation keeps popping up the buffer, you are certainly getting very upset with the frequent pauses in the footage.

Nobody wants to watch a show that abruptly ends and resumes, freezes or behaves otherwise unexpectedly. It is not perfect, but it’s better than Netflix’s blank screen.

Thousands of hours of anime content are accessible on Funimation, which is adored by aficionados of the genre. But if it keeps buffering, it is difficult to enjoy.

So what precisely can you do if this is happening to you? To make your viewing experience as seamless as possible, we will walk you through the potential remedies that are available.

In order to provide you the knowledge you need to be able to stop or minimize buffering issues via the Funimation app so you may enjoy your favorite Anime characters without having to endure any longer pauses, we have produced this simple troubleshooting guide.

As the app uses an algorithm called “adaptive bitrate” to minimize buffering time and ensure that it gets all the data required to play the material, it has been observed that buffering on Funimation during the first few minutes of a video’s start is common.

However, if your series or movie is starting to lag and is buffering during the streaming process, this will be caused by your internet connection being too slow.

Funimation requires the following to stream without buffering;

  1. 2Mbps for a standard-quality picture
  2. 5Mbps for a HD picture (720 or 1080)

How to Fix Funimation’s Issues Regarding Buffering

There are numerous possible fixes for Funimation’s buffering problem.

Try the following steps, and perhaps one of them will help you solve the issue at hand. Begin with your router, restart it. By doing this, the network connection will be refreshed, which should help the situation.

Additionally, general internet troubleshooting is worthwhile. So, attempt a speed test. For SD, Funimation requires at least 2 Mbps, and for 720p and 1080p, at least 5 Mbps.

You might need to get in contact with your ISP if you are unable to reach those speeds. Additionally, consider shutting down any other programs or gadgets that might be vying for bandwidth.

It could additionally be beneficial to disconnect any more network-connected electronic devices. These may ping your router even when they are not in use.

So unplugging them regularly can be beneficial. The Funimation app needs an update. Download and install any pending updates before attempting to relaunch the app.

Update your internet browser and software running on your device. Check for any outstanding updates and install any that are available, just like with the Funimation app.

Reduce the video resolution, if possible. Reducing the video resolution could be helpful if you want to stream information at a higher resolution.

After that, restart your browser to see if that changes anything. The information must travel farther between your device and the Funimation servers if you are using a VPN.

This can cause problems with buffering. To test whether it makes a difference, try turning off the VPN. In case there is a problem with your local server, you might consider utilizing a VPN if you are not already.

There will be a lot of people using WiFi to watch Funimation. Use a connected Ethernet connection if at all possible as this will frequently increase stability.

You have the option to download content to view offline if you have a Premium Plus or Premium Ultra account. As you may watch without being connected to the internet, this will fix the buffering problem.

We advise contacting the customer care team for extra assistance if none of the aforementioned measures prove to be helpful.

In a nutshell, servers are computer systems that regulate user traffic and store information in the cloud, allowing millions of Funimation users to stream their favorite anime simultaneously.

There are engineers who specialize in maintaining and frequently enhancing these devices, which are typically located in the corporate headquarters of businesses.

Modern servers have been far ahead of their predecessors in terms of processing position of authority, storage access, and threat resistance, nevertheless, some risks still exist that may damage them.

Black-hat hackers, overheating, short circuits, and code errors are all susceptible to major problems and may be to blame for Funimation’s persistent buffering.

You can also check the Funimation service’s Twitter account to see if they have posted anything regarding the server status.

And if you are like me and need to double-check everything. In order to keep users informed of their progress, they frequently provide live updates.

Change the video’s resolution

The quantity of video data that needs to be downloaded is more if you try to stream your Funimation at a higher quality resolution; as a result, your Funimation may start to slow and start buffering.

Download content

Download materials. You may download the movie or series you would like to watch onto your device before beginning it if you choose the “Premium Plus” option or “Premium Plus Ultra” option on Funimation.

As you will already have all the data saved, this will save the content from requiring to buffer while you are streaming the video.

Not all products are available for download on Funimation. It is advised not to download each piece of content because doing so will consume a lot of space on your computer and could cause Funimation to have additional issues.

What Leads to Funimation Buffering Issues?

There are two basic causes of buffering, regardless of the fact that there are many plausible explanations, as shown by the list of potential solutions.

Your internet connection is too slow, for you to begin with. The minimal speed requirements for Funimation (2–5 Mbps depending on the video quality) have already been mentioned.

Buffering issues are almost certain to arise if your internet speed is lower than this. The second most frequent reason is due to the fact your router’s connection to your device is moving excessively slowly.

This may indicate that your router is not in the best location to communicate with your device or that you should start searching for a new router altogether.

Of course, it might also be a software problem, and it can be quite challenging to figure out exactly what is wrong in each case.

Try the recommendations we provided above. These are your best bet for fixing Funimation’s buffering issue.

Is Crunchyroll better than Funimation?

With so many platforms to choose from and the rising popularity of anime, you want to be able to affirm. Funimation is more affordable to subscribe to whereas Crunchyroll has a bigger selection of shows and films.

In addition, it offers the option of watching anime with English subtitles. Additionally, Funimation lets you use it on up to 2 devices with their normal membership and up to 5 devices with their premium subscription.

Both choices allow you to download content to watch it offline and both stream video at the same quality. For this additional offline add-on, Crunchyroll’s subscription is more expensive than Funimation’s.

To view anime content, Funimation is one of the most exquisite websites for streaming, but it all depends on what you want to watch and whatever platform has it available.


Since Funimation from appearing offers free online streaming for all Anime shows and films, a strong internet connection from the device you use to access it is a requirement.

Even with a strong internet connection, Funimation may still have problems, such as buffering or error messages.

We hope that our article has helped you to understand why your Funimation continues buffering and that our five simple fixes have enabled you to resolve this issue.