What Happens if the Snapchat App Gets Deleted?

Snapchat, a social media platform operated by Snap Inc., is proudly placed in the front row. Although it may not be as well-known as Facebook or Twitter, many people around the world adore its individualistic, attractive style.

Although Snapchat’s cheery and “colorful” apparel is attention-getting, it can become grating as you outgrow the “hip” Snapchatter phase.

The idea of deleting Snapchat is very real, whether it is due to the outdated flashy layout or endless Snaps. Unfortunately, the lingering fear of missing out on an incredible opportunity in the world of Snaps comes with each thought of uninstalling the app.

If you find yourself in such a situation, let this article be your guide. To find out what happens when you erase the Snapchat app, continue scrolling.

There is a difference between deleting your Snapchat account and uninstalling the application itself.

Let us take a look at how it differs from entirely deleting your Snapchat account before going over what you might or might not miss after performing the same.

The internal storage on your mobile device is made available after you choose the uninstall option for the Snapchat app. And that is practically it.

Uninstalling the app will not destroy your account data since this information is saved on a far-off Snapchat server instead of a local one.

On the other hand, deleting your Snapchat account is a lot more significant than uninstalling the application itself.

All information associated with your Snapchat account is permanently deleted when you delete it and don’t restore it within 30 days.

All the memories you may have saved over the years would be erased from the server, and your friends would no longer be able to find you on Snapchat. In contrast to deleting the Snapchat app, removing your Snapchat account is irreversible.

What Happens if the Snapchat App Gets Deleted?

What happens after the Snapchat app is uninstalled?

Now that you have an understanding of the minute but crucial distinctions between deactivation and uninstallation, let’s examine what actually occurs when you decide to bid the Snapchat app goodbye.

When you delete the app, will the other people still be there to begin with?

As was said in the part before, Snapchat deletion can be undone. Therefore, all information—including friends—would rush back in whenever you choose to reinstall the app and log in to your original account.

You may be confident that if you ever decide to make a significant comeback, your friend list will be unaffected.

When you uninstall the app, what happens to your Snap streaks?

Technically, Snapchat belongs in the same category as the market leader, Facebook. However, the Snap machine sticks out in a number of methods that range from Snap streaks being one of them.

Snap streaks, to put it simply, are the accepted measure of communication between you and your buddies. The Snap streak metric comes to life after three days of back-and-forth Snaps with a pal.

You must send and receive at least one Snap with the buddy you are maintaining your Streak with within a 24-hour period in order to keep it going on.

You are unable to send Snaps to your buddies after uninstalling the app. Of course, your friends can still continue to send you Snaps, but given it’s a two-way street, the Streak would be irrelevant. It will not help you to remove the app if you cherish your Snap streaks.

What Happens if the Snapchat App Gets Deleted?

When you delete the Snapchat app, what happens to your Memories?

Snapchat app enthusiasts frequently save their favorite Snaps and Stories for later viewing, sharing, and storage facilities. They accomplish this with the use of Memories, a Snapchat feature.

It makes sense to wonder where this function disappeared after you pressed the “Uninstall” button if you are one of the plenty of Snapchatters who use it.

Thankfully, the Snapchat app takes extra care to protect your Memories and makes sure they are accessible when you connect back to your Snapchat account.

Since all local data has been entirely erased, it can take some time for you to resume normal operations.

After you delete the Snapchat app, can your friends still see where you are?

When you first set up Snap Map, you have the option to share your location with friends, and if you do, they are able to see your whereabouts in real-time anytime you use the app.

If you remove Snapchat, it will no longer have access to your phone’s GPS and current location. As a result, your friends will not be able to see where you are right now on Snapchat’s Snap Map.

After you delete the Snapchat app, can someone look for you on Snapchat?

We addressed the differences between uninstalling Snapchat from your phone and entirely deleting your account in the first half of the post.

You are not terminating your Snapchat account when you uninstall; rather, you are taking a brief vacation from the endless notifications and the pressure that comes with keeping up with the Snap streaks.

You are still primarily involved in the Snapchat app, but you are not actively contributing, so to all the users worldwide. They are free to look you up as usual and, if they select, even send you Snaps.

What Happens if the Snapchat App Gets Deleted?

When you uninstall the Snapchat app, does it maintain your data?

Your account information will only be removed from the device you uninstalled Snapchat from when you do it.

The other information that the Snapchat app keeps on its servers is unaffected by this and will continue to be accessible even after your account is terminated.

When you re-install the Snapchat app on your phone, you will be able to access your account settings, friends, Snaps, Chats, Stories, device data, and location data if your account is still active (in the case that you only deleted the app).

What Happens if the Snapchat App Gets Deleted?

Instead of erasing your Snapchat account, you can choose to have it stored for up to 30 days along with your settings, friends, Snaps, Chats, Stories, device data, and location data.

All of this data will be deleted from Snapchat’s servers after 30 days, and you won’t be able to see it again. For legal, security, and company-related reasons, Snapchat says it may preserve some of your personal information and purchase history.

This information will continue to reside on Snapchat’s servers, but only the service—not you—will have access to it.

After deleting the Snapchat app, is it still accessible?

When you reinstall the Snapchat app on Android or iOS, you can access your account at any time even if you merely uninstall the program from your phone.

Even if you deactivate the app, your account information and communication history are still stored on Snapchat’s servers.

The amount of time that has gone by since you deleted your account will determine whether you may access any deleted user accounts, including Snapchat.

You are able to log in back into your account and reactivate your deleted account to access all of your data if you deleted your Snapchat account within the past 30 days.

You can recover your account settings, friends, Snaps, Chats, Stories, device data, and location data in this way. There is at present no way to access your previous Snapchat account because it has been permanently deleted if it has been more than 30 days since you deleted it.

Your attempt will be rejected if you attempt to log into Snapchat using your old username or email address. You can only use Snapchat right now if you create a new account from scratch and add your friends anew.

Can I keep the data from my Snapchat before deleting it?

Snapchat offers you a chance to save a portion of your account data for when you decide to erase it since canceling your account is an irreversible process.

While your account is open, you can download your account data from Snapchat servers and store the following data in your storage:

  • Account information and previous login history
  • Public & User Profiles
  • Chat history memories saved in Snap History
  • Purchase and Shopping History Snapchat Friends Location Search History Support History
  • Bitmoji

What Happens if the Snapchat App Gets Deleted?


With more than 520 million users globally, Snapchat is one of the most used social media platforms because of the way it was designed to delete snaps as soon as they are received.

When switching phones or just taking a vacation from the app, the ability to remove and reinstall it is helpful.

We hope this tutorial has answered your concern, “If I uninstall Snapchat, will I lose everything?” and provided all the information you needed.

And additionally, assist you in removing Snapchat from your phone. For any other questions you might have, Snapchat does have a wonderful help page.