There are 7 reasons why the “User Not Found” error appears on Instagram

Do you come across the “User not found” error when looking someone up on Instagram? Even though you have no doubt that you have entered the name accurately, why are you still receiving this error message?

The Instagram user may have changed their Instagram username or been suspended, among other possibilities, for the issue.

Another possibility is if the user blocked your account. You may learn how to determine the cause of the “User not found” error on Instagram by reading the following article.

Things that you should know. 

  • The “User not found” error does not necessarily mean that you have been blocked.
  • The account may be suspended, banned, disabled, or deleted.
  • Ask your friend to look up the account on Instagram to find out whether the account user has blocked only you.

The following reasons will be explained in detail in this article to help you resolve your issue:

Reason 1: They might have momentarily disabled their account.

The Instagram user might have deactivated their account instead of deleting it. While deactivating your account is an excellent way to step away from social media, it may cause confusion among your followers if they receive the “User not found” alert.

When an account is temporarily disabled or when it will reappear, Instagram does not let its users know. The only way to confirm this in this instance is to watch for the account to become active once more.

There are 7 reasons why the User Not Found error appears on Instagram




Reason 2: It is possible that they changed their username.

You could be using old data, such as their previous username. On Instagram, switching to a new username on your existing account is simple, therefore users frequently do so without telling their friends.

You can check other social media websites like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter to see if this is the problem. Look at your friends’ followers; they might be listed there if you are not friends with them or cannot find them on other social networking sites.

To find out if your chat inbox with that person has been changed so that it matches their new username, you may also check your direct messages.

There are 7 reasons why the User Not Found error appears on Instagram

Reason 3: There could have been a typo.

Ensure that the login or real name is typed correctly. A “0” or an “O” is that? Make sure that you get them right because a few other letters and numbers, such as a lowercase “l,” an uppercase “I,” and the number “1,” are comparable to this.

You might as well try them all if your first attempt fails when searching on Instagram. Try looking up their real name if the username appears to be misleading you.

Additionally, check sure your username does not contain the @ symbol.

Reason 4: The account user may have blocked you.

If the Instagram user has blocked you, you are unable to see their profile, their likes, or their comments.

Reach out to a friend to look up this username to check on the status of the individual’s Instagram account name account to see whether they have blocked you.

If they are able to access the account but not you, then you are likely to be blocked by that Instagram user. The Instagram user has their account permanently terminated.

There are 7 reasons why the "User Not Found" error appears on Instagram

Reason 5: The Instagram user has their account permanently terminated.

The “User Not Found” issue could appear on your screen while you are looking for an old account on Instagram. Asking one of your friends who uses Instagram to look up that account will help you to verify this.

You will know that this username either no longer exists now (it was removed) or is temporarily inactive if they get the same error.

You will have to wait and see whether or not the account becomes active again to figure out whether it was permanently removed or only temporarily disabled.

There are 7 reasons why the "User Not Found" error appears on Instagram

Reason 6: They can have their Instagram accounts suspended or banned.

It is possible that the account you are looking for has been suspended or banned if it violated Instagram’s terms of service.

The Terms of Service (TOS) are breached by conduct that is improper, abusive to other accounts, buying likes or comments, or applying automation applications to follow or unfollow accounts.

Check back to see if the account you are looking for is active again because bans frequently last for a period of approximately 48 hours.

There are 7 reasons why the "User Not Found" error appears on Instagram

Reason 7: It could be an error in the system of Instagram.

Instagram occasionally has glitches that result in the “User Not Found” error. The best course to follow is to exit the app or website (if you are using a phone or tablet), wait a few seconds, and then try again.

You can also update the app’s software (on your phone or tablet if that is where you were getting the problem in the first place), or you can reinstall the app, to make sure your Internet connection is stable (or switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi to mobile data).

If you can access other Instagram users’ bios but still receive the “User not found” error when you click or tap on their profile picture particularly, or if you can see their posts yet receive that message, then there is a glitch.

Reason 8: Has someone hacked into your Instagram account?

In addition, if you believe your account may have been hacked, this may have led to the account being disabled or prevented you from logging in in the first place.

Request that a buddy take a snapshot of your login so you may compare it to find out if there are any obvious indications that your account has been hacked.

There are 7 reasons why the "User Not Found" error appears on Instagram

To further troubleshoot, consider the following:

Ensure that your internet connection is active.

Check for the issue with a different device to determine if it remains.


When looking for someone on Instagram, do you encounter the “User not found” error? If you typed the name exactly as it should be, why are you still receiving this error message?

The mistake could have occurred for a number of reasons, including the individual changing their Instagram username or Instagram suspending them.

The user may have also blocked your account. Discovering the cause of the “User not found” error on Instagram is made simple with the help of this article. We hope you found this article useful.