How to resolve the error if TikTok Won’t Let Me Trim Sound?

The well-known Chinese video-sharing application TikTok needs little introduction to Gen Z. This program focuses on creating short films and allows users to combine audio recordings and choreographed video segments for humorous results.

In fact, TikTok gave rise to shorts on YouTube, the preferred video-sharing website for Millennials. Naturally, a crucial feature is the ability to add and edit music to properly fit TikTok videos.

The majority of TikTok videos would be useless without sound. Therefore, when a customer complains that the TikTok app will not allow me to trim sound, it might be a big catastrophe!

Do not panic; the following suggestions will help you avoid missing your big moment. If the TikTok app will not allow you to cut your audio, you might be attempting to use an unavailable portion of the sound.

There are a few things to take into account when trimming your TikTok audio, such as whether you’re filming a 15 or 60-second movie and how lengthy the sound you’ve chosen is.

This guide will cover all you need to know about adding a sound to your material, as well as a detailed explanation of why TikTok will not let you trim audio.

In order to prevent your account from being penalized for utilizing copyrighted sounds, we will also make sure you understand the importance of using original music.

Why won’t the TikTok app permit me to trim sound?

There are a number of possibilities when a user says that the TikTok app won’t allow him to trim sound. TikTok users often attempt to cut music that is shorter than their video, nevertheless, this is unsuccessful.

In case you were not aware, TikTok will not let me cut the sound; a longer audio clip might be required. Once a TikTok video has been uploaded online, it is also impossible to edit or alter the sound.

You cannot do that on the TikTok app; you must save your video, delete it, and start over. Last but not least, keep in mind that if you use an artist’s song or in-app clip, you cannot use any missing bits. You will not be able to trim an audio segment in or out if it is not provided.

How to resolve the error if TikTok Won’t Let Me Trim Sound?

The Solutions to the Issue; Why Won’t the TikTok App Let Me Trim Sound?

If you have observed, the TikTok app will not let me edit the sound; it is quite unlikely to be a technical problem in 99.99% of instances.

As a result, contacting TikTok assistance to resolve the issue is probably ineffective. To help you be able to trim your audio, there are a few solutions.

Try a different audio clip.

So, the one you selected audio clip is not able to be edited in TikTok using the trim feature? If so, try different audio clips to rule out any technological difficulties.

To verify whether the trim and app features are functioning properly:

  • Check whether the audio clip is longer or shorter than the video you shot. You should be able to cut it if it is longer.
  • Replace your favorite audio clip with one that is the same duration and format.
  • Replace your favorite audio clip with both shorter and longer clips in a variety of file types.
  • If no audio clips, even those that are longer than the video, allow for trimming, you may need to get in touch with TikTok to report the problem.
  • Please take note that issues, which frequently appear following an app upgrade, may exist in the most recent versions of the TikTok app.
  • Try these as well If you cannot publish the videos at all, Tik Tok will not let me post tips.

Choose to Record a shorter TikTok Video

You can only record a video for the TikTok app that is either up to 15 seconds long or up to 60 seconds long. In order for the trimming function to function, longer video segments necessitate longer audio snippets.

Try the following solutions if you are having trouble editing your audio for lengthier clips:

  • Choose to shoot a video that is shorter than your audio clip.
  • Try to make the recorded video you have shorter than the audio clip.
  • If you have any additional sound-related issues on the TikTok app, have a look at these solutions.

How to resolve the error if TikTok Won’t Let Me Trim Sound?

Edit Your Audio Clip Using Different Programs

When it comes to trimming your audio files, TikTok may not be your only choice. If the length of your audio clip hinders you from being able to trim the sound on TikTok, follow these steps.

Use a mobile app, PC program, or browser application to edit your audio clip, such as InShot, VEED, or PowerDirector 365.

You may carry out the following tasks with third-party audio editing programs or applications:

  • Silent intervals can be added at the beginning or conclusion of the audio clip. After that, trim the uploaded audio into the most suitable pieces for your video.
  • To make a special audio clip, you can combine various audio sounds and tunes.
  • To make a longer clip, repeat the audio clip several times.

Shooting and Editing Your Video Using An Outside Software

If all else fails, you can post your movie to TikTok after manually altering it using one of the many widely used video editing apps.

Depending on your settings and geolocation, TikTok users can upload external films up to 3 minutes or 10 minutes long.

You will not have access to any of TikTok’s editing tools or resources, that much is true. But you can still get the results you want if you use the correct editing program.

To create and modify a video from a third party using your audio clips:

  • Use the camera apps on your phone or a camera to record your video.
  • If necessary, use a microphone or a microphone app to record any individual audio samples.
  • Install a video editing app or program on your computer or mobile device, such as iMovie or Adobe Premiere.
  • Utilize the third-party program or app to edit your video and audio. For people with little experience, mobile apps are easier to utilize. In contrast to expensive video editing programs like Adobe Premiere, many of them are also free.
  • Save your video in a TikTok-compatible format after editing is finished.
  • Sign up for the TikTok app.
  • Then, choose the video to upload from your camera roll.
  • And done!

What Takes Place When Copyrighted Music Is Used on TikTok?

If TikTok detects that the music in your uploaded video might be protected by copyright, they have the authority to review it.

This indicates that they will verify whether or not the audio file attached is copyrighted. Your video will not be accessible to other TikTok users during this period or show up on the FYP.

If it is determined that your video contains copyrighted material, it will either be erased or the audio will be muted so that no one can hear it.


When you are one of the users reporting, the TikTok app will not allow you to trim the music, which may be a lot of fun otherwise.

You should not worry if being unable to cut sound prevents you from creating content. There are many solutions to the issue at hand.